Presentation Links

Seth Carpenter: Chief US Economist, UBS

“Mechanics of Modern Money”

Darius Davis: Managing Member, Camelus Group

“Mechanics of Modern Money” Pt 1

“Mechanics of Modern Money” Pt 2

Art Lindo: Senior Associate Director, Board of Visitors and Governors, Federal Reserve

“Purposes and Function of the Fed”

 “What is the Fed?”

(click on link and search “What is the Fed?)

Dr. David Cloutier: Associate Professor of Theology, The Catholic University of America

“Christianity on Usury” PPT

“Christianity on Usury” Doc

Miles Roger: Assistant Director of Religious Education, Washington Hebrew Congregation

“Jewish Economics”

Imam Mohamed Magid: Executive Director, All Dulles Area Muslim Society

“Theology of Economics”


Video 1: Money, Power, Wall Street Pt 2

Video 2: Money, Power, Wall Street Pt 3

Video 3: Poverty, Politics, & Profit

Video 4: Policy, Politics, & Procedure