Beginner Videos

What Is Money?

We all use money. We need it to buy things and pay our bills. We work hard to earn it. We save it for retirement or a rainy day. We all rely on money, so why don’t we know how money works and where it comes from?

Inequality: Why Are The Rich Getting Richer?

The gap between the very richest and the rest of us is getting bigger. Why? Many believe that it’s good for us all if a small group of people earn an enormous amount of money.

Why Is There So Much Debt?

10 years before the 2008 crisis, individuals and families in the US had a total of $4 Trillion dollars of debt. Since then, our debt has more than tripled. But who did we borrow all this money from?

Could These 3 Simple Changes To Banking Fix The Economy?

Money affects almost everything that happens in our society. If we want to deal with the big social, economic, and environmental challenges that we’re facing today, changing key aspects of our money system should be an essential.